Relax with Taiji -- for programmers like me

I went to doctor's office this morning and saw a poster to prevent heart disease. It says right things like low-fat diet, no smoking, no alcohol, and regular exercise (with a gym picture). But one important point is missed -- Relax. :)

Everybody has experience of blood pressure difference when he/she is in anger and in sleep. Emotion is a big factor for health, so calm your body and mind down, and relax...

Who does not know how to relax?! "I can lie down on sofa and watch TV" ... Is that a good way to relax after sitting in front of computer for a whole day?

One old phrase says "People's leg gets old first". I am not so old, but my sensitive body is verifying it: After a whole day tiring computer work and when I use eyes to look at computer or TV at night, sometimes I even feel my eyes poll energy from feet to upper body! Our brain and eyes are consuming most of our energy everyday.

So to get heath back, we should:

1) Calm down eyes (no computer or TV) and mind (no work at home)
2) Exercise in slow motion to build energy
3) Let energy go down to get legs stronger

Those are some important values of Taiji to programmers.

If you have no chance to learn Taiji with a good teacher, you can relax by yourself: Stand still and calm your body down (for half an hour). You should feel your feet are heavy and your upper body is light -- that is also Taiji. :) Your feet are heavy because your body is relaxed and energy goes down. Gradually, your feet and legs will become stronger and healthier.