Traditional Chinese medicine to cure "incurable" diseases

I did not read technical books for weeks after I finished my project (which is rare for me), because I was reading/studying a more important thing for our daily life: traditional Chinese medicine, that can even cure some so-called "incurable" diseases, such as cancers, or AIDS!

Frankly speaking, I had been disappointed by Chinese doctors for a long long time since I was a child. My previous impression was Chinese medicine/method were too slow for illness, until recently I began to know several real Chinese doctors and their treatments.

One doctor is Mr. Ni Haisha (Please don't be cheated by his English site for Acupuncture, that is only because USA has no license for Chinese medicine yet). His Chinese site has far more great information about why/how about cancers than his English site.

Chinese medicine takes our body as a whole system. For example, the root reason for the breast cancer is because heart and small intestine are weak. But Western medicine takes our body as separate items. That is the reason why Western medicine does not work.

If Chinese medicine is so good, but why the medicine from many Chinese doctors is not effective, and even many Chinese doctors take western medicine by themselves for illness? The reasons are quite complex. Basically, Chinese medicine is like "art", not many good doctors exist; many Chinese doctors learned in a wrong way; Chinese government admired western technology too much and ignored real jewels/wisdom in the long Chinese history ...

How to find a good doctor? If your feet get warm after you take Chinese medicine, then that doctor is a good doctor; otherwise, if you still feel cold in your feet, and your symptoms still exist, then that doctor is likely a fake Chinese doctor.

Currently, I know two Chinese doctors are good: Mr. Ni and Mr. Huo


Anonymous said...

Agree your point. I have been reading Dr. Ni's articles and the chinese medicne is so good