Convert Access database to SQL Server 2005

In one of my projects, I need analyze data in an Access application. Frankly speaking, that is the best Access application I have seen so far: with many front-end Access forms, users can input data to the back-end single Access database.

But Access is not designed for client-server mode anyway. A lock file is needed to only allow one user to lock a table at one time. Sometimes, users have to wait for minutes for others to finish a simple data update operation.

For me, I am not a fan of Access, although I was amazed by how that Access application worked. So I decide to convert to SQL Server database.

But how? Although SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) can import data from Access, it is hard to maintain database settings (e.g. foreign-key relationship, etc). Today, I found SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access from Microsoft. Now my life is easier :)