Health Studies in Confusion

According to the so-called 8-year study: low-fat diets do not benefit cancer significantly (here).

When I first saw that result, I doubted my own vegetarian habit: Is it a really healthy to be a vegetarian? I can tell from my years of vegetarian experience that it does not give me much more energy, but compared with when I ate meat and eggs, my health is not getting worse at least. I am getting old as well. It is difficult to tell if vegetarian really improved my health. But from theory, it should be a good eating habit.

Then I read several articles about that study in the coming days. It turns out that study was based on out-of-date hypothesis. It even did not distinguish lard or olive oil!

They spent more than 400 million dollars for that nonsense study.

I will not take those kind of study for granted any more. I will keep my diet because I prove it works for me.