labeling of insect-derived red food dye

Until today, I didn't know that some "artificial colors" in our food product are from insects (here). I thought I was careful enough to avoid food with animal stuff inside, but now I think I had better be a farmer to get pure vegetarian food.

"Derived from the ground bodies of female cochineal beetles, the colorings are currently used in a variety of ice creams, yogurts, fruit drinks, alcoholic drinks and candy products, to which they bring a characteristic pink, red or purple color."

Currently the FDA only requires that the ingredient is labeled as a ‘color added' or ‘artificial color'"

"Why not use a word that people can understand?” said CSPI director Michael Jacobson. ”Sending people scurrying to the dictionary or to Google to figure out what ‘carmine' or ‘cochineal' means is just plain sneaky. Call these coloring what they are – insect-based.”