Unhealthy lifestyle

During the past dozen years of work as a software engineer, I met many computer guys who do not look like in their age. They are either too fat, or too weak. The reason is obvious: we sit in front of computer for years without necessary exercise, and even worse, many of us like to eat something during coding.

I am quite sad with this lifestyle although I love computer and already get used to programming life. I wanted to find a way to improve health without interrupting work. Here are what I found useful to me at least:
  1. Stand up and keep knees bent a little bit for several minutes every hour. You can talk with coworkers or design a solution to solve a problem at the same time. Human being gets older from her/his legs, so it is very important to strengthen our legs
  2. Practice TaiJi or QiGong to build energy. Healthy does not necessarily mean big muscle. We needn't go to expensive gym to keep us healthy. Simple QiGong can work perfectly for our body and our mind. For Taiji, I recommend Chen-Style TaiJi that is not so slow.
  3. Eat more vegetable and fruit. Saturated fat is not good for our body.

What else?